Ohio Association of Public School Employees

Stronger Together.

Vote NO on Issue 1

August 8 Special Election

The same people who tried to force Senate Bill 5 on us and take away our union’s ability to negotiate contracts on your behalf are at it again – only this time they are hoping to undermine democracy and the power of your vote. 

Politicians and special interests want to change the Ohio Constitution and do away with one person/one vote and majority rule.

They want to force a 60 percent requirement to change our state constitution – making it virtually impossible to bring issues like Senate Bill 5 before voters. For 100 years, we have operated under the majority rule system. They can’t win under these rules, so they want to change them. Don’t let them.

On August 8, the only thing on your ballot will be Issue 1 to permanently end majority rule in Ohio. They’ve spent millions to buy the election — and are still spending — to take away your rights.  

Vote No on Issue 1. Vote No to Keep the Power of Your Vote.

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