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College Benefits Available for OAPSE Members and Their Families

Update on EGCC Program

Latest Update: June 28, 2023

Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC) has been in ongoing negotiations for the past year with the U.S. Department of Education about the Free College Benefit and has fought hard on behalf of all students to continue these benefits. Their ability to gain a preliminary injunction against the Department gained a full year of continued free education for students and members enrolled in the Free College Program. This past spring over 8,500 students completed their studies and graduated. We are incredibly grateful EGCC was able to create the opportunity for those students to complete the program. 

Unfortunately, given the negotiations to date, EGCC is no longer able to offer the Free College Benefit for new students beginning in the Fall semester 2023. EGCC is trying to preserve some additional free college runway for the current ~15,000 students enrolled, but that arrangement is still awaiting a decision by the Department of Education.

Effective with the Fall 2023 term, EGCC is moving to a new, reduced tuition rate of $138 per credit hour for out-of-state students combined with a consolidated course fee of $30 per credit hour. At a normal course load, this means Pell-eligible students would still attend for no out-of-pocket cost. The in-state tuition rate is either $131 or $137 per credit hour based on the Ohio county of residence.

All of the updated college programs are now low-cost models (and free for some based on Pell eligibility).

For members with questions about your specific situation at EGCC, you may speak with admissions counselors and advisors at 833-465-2505. Link to latest EGCC press release.

EGCC website

Update on Central State Program

Bachelor’s Degree Completion Programs

Beginning with the Summer 2023 term, Central State University will offer continuing and new students low-cost and debt-free options to complete their Bachelor’s Degree through Central State University’s online program, Central State Global.

The Central State Global Union Program provides financial aid, grants, and scholarships to eligible union members and their immediate families to help reduce their out-of-pockets costs.

CSU Global Union Program

All Union Plus Education Benefits

For a list of all the low-cost education partnerships available to OAPSE members visit Union Plus Education Benefits