Win $$ Prizes Just for Sticking With the Union!

Wednesday, August 17, is our official “Sticking with My Union Day.” We want to hear from you! And when we do, you will be entered to win either $500, a 55-inch 4K television, or one of five $100 prizes. Just send a photo with your sticking with the union sticker or a hand-made sign to [email protected] and we will enter you in the drawing for these great prizes. In addition to the enclosed stickers, your field representative and district and local officers have stickers to help members declare their solidarity with the union and their sisters and brothers in their locals. Please help us distribute these stickers and bumper stickers before August 17, and ask members to wear them on that Wednesday and put them on their cars.

Also, our public affairs team is asking that you send pictures and short video clips of OAPSE members wearing the stickers and/or placing the stickers on each other so we can post to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. You can do that by emailing [email protected]. Include your name, local union and where you work so we can enter you in our drawing. Please post to your Facebook page and encourage members to post to THEIR social media as well. Drawing will be held ­­­at the Executive Board Meeting on September 10.

Thank you for your work over the last year building our union. And thank you for “Sticking with Our Union!”