We Will Be in Crestline This May!

It’s a tradition that means so much to the leaders and members of OAPSE — the OAPSE Making a Difference (OMAD) community service event. This year, we will be at Crestline City Schools in May to distribute food to all the students in the district.

No child should go hungry. But OAPSE members who work with students and families every day know that hunger is a reality across our state. We wanted to do something to help the kids we care so much about. So, we started OMAD. Since the spring of 2014, OMAD has raised more than $140,000 through donations from members, locals, districts and staff and provided food to thousands of students across Ohio.

OMAD is only possible through those tax-deductible donations, and we are counting on you again this year to help make the Crestline event a huge success! For more information about OMAD and how to donate, check out https://oapse.org/oapse-making-a-difference/ and thank you for your continued support of OMAD.