State Officers Re-Elected

The three state officers for OAPSE have been re-elected for a four-year term, which will begin in May. OAPSE State Nominating Committee Chair Deb Basham said State President JoAnn Johntony, State Vice President Lois Carson and State Secretary Sandy Wheeler  faced no opposition. Nominations for the union’s top offices closed January 17, and Basham notified the candidates and union leadership that the election process ended because they were the only candidates.

“We are very humbled by the faith that our members have put in us to continue to lead OAPSE,” said Johntony. “We want to thank the members of OAPSE and commit to everyone that we will be there for you as we face the challenges ahead. We’re going to fight for our members and our union, and we will make you proud that you supported us for another four years in office.”

Carson agreed, and echoes Johntony’s vow to be a strong voice for every OAPSE member.

“We are so thankful for the opportunity to work on behalf of our members. With our Executive Director Joe Rugola, Associate Director Gary Martin and the best union staff in the state if not the country, we will continue to be a force for justice and fairness for OAPSE members and all workers. Together with our executive board and our leadership in our districts and locals, we are going to fight and we are going to be heard.”

Wheeler said she values the confidence OAPSE members have placed in her, Carson and Johntony and is committed to working hard to prove they made the right choice.

“We are so honored by the faith and trust our members have placed in us. And we are absolutely committed to doing right by all of you. We pledge to work with our locals, our districts and our executive board and staff to take on every challenge we face. Together, we will build an even stronger union.”

Johntony, Carson and Wheeler will be officially sworn in on May 19 at the OAPSE Executive Board Meeting in Columbus.