Scholarship Winners Announced

The 11 winners of the 2023 OAPSE/AFSCME Memorial Scholarship have been announced by the scholarship committee chair, Stephanie Wiley. “This year’s winners are so deserving, and we are thrilled to award them each $2,500 to start their higher education journeys,” Wiley said. She thanked the committee members for all the hard work in evaluating each application and selecting the winners. “We all take this responsibility very seriously, and we spend a lot of time reading the applications and essays and discussing our thoughts about each student. It’s hours of work, and I want to commend all the committee members for their dedication and hard work.” Members of the scholarship committee are: Wiley; Julie Langanke; Kecia Sindeldecker; Bev Payne: Susan Graham; Karen Jones; James Haller; Robin Warren; Tish Jones; and Kathy Chamberlain. See the winners above!