OAPSE Members are Sticking with Our Union!

Over the last year, our union has faced many challenges in Ohio and across the country. In spite of the obstacles put before us by the courts, some employers, and the anti-union organizations which promote so-called right to work, OAPSE membership continues to grow stronger every day.

In fact, 3,055 new members have signed up since July 2018 because they know the many benefits of being a part of OAPSE. The Janus case at the U.S. Supreme Court was supposed to destroy our union and others like it. Instead, nearly a year later, more and more OAPSE members are committed to staying with and growing our union.

As a way to publicly display our union solidarity, we have set Wednesday, May 22, “Sticking With My Union Day.” Your local officers have been sent stickers we would like you to wear as you show that you are OAPSE Proud and Union Strong!

Please help us send this message to our members and to your non-union coworkers by distributing these stickers and bumper stickers on May 22 and asking members to wear them that day.

Also, our public affairs team is asking that you send pictures and short video clips of OAPSE members wearing the stickers and/or placing the stickers on each other so we can post to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. You can do that by texting Kathy Malone at 614-499-6797 or Todd Rensi at 614-332-5850.

Thank you for your work over the last year building our union. And thank you for “Sticking with Our Union!”