Make Your Voice Stronger: Join PEOPLE!

 AFSCME PEOPLE is how OAPSE members have a voice in the workplace.  We elect school board members and local officials who understand our jobs.


We work to pass local levies to improve funding for schools. We fight against corrupt politicians and special interests who want to take our jobs and silence our voice. We stop attacks on our freedom to collectively bargain. We stand up together with PEOPLE! You can donate in less than 90 seconds by clicking the donate button below. 


When sly attacks like Senate Bill 5 or Issue 1 pop up, OAPSE members stand up with PEOPLE power to fight back.  

A bipartisan group of 4 former governors, 5 attorneys general, more than 200 unions and grassroots groups stand OPPOSED to Issue 1. Voting No on Issue 1 protects our democracy as we know it and keeps the voice of citizens at the forefront. 

Already a PEOPLE member or MVP? Your regular contribution is standing UP against big business and special interests pushing Issue 1. 

Every dollar helps fight back, so a one-time donation is a great way to stand up for your rights and support the PEOPLE Program.  

You can also automatically contribute every week or month. For less than $2 a week, you can become a PEOPLE MVP and get cool merch to show off your commitment to our union! 


Vote No on August 8th. Take action by becoming a PEOPLE member. These are the best ways to help ensure we defeat Issue 1 and STOP future attacks on working families. 

Sign up today online and become a PEOPLE member! 

You can also contact OAPSE at 800-786-2773. 


Contributions or gifts to AFSCME PEOPLE are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. All contributions to AFSCME PEOPLE are voluntary and will be used to support pro-worker candidates in federal, state and local elections. Contributions are not a condition of membership or employment and refusal to contribute is free of reprisal. Any contribution guideline is only a suggestion, and you may contribute more or less than that amount or nothing at all, and you will not be favored or disadvantaged because of your contribution amount or decision not to contribute. In accordance with federal law, AFSCME PEOPLE accepts contributions only from AFSCME members, executive and administrative personnel, and their families. Contributions from other persons will be returned.