Lois Carson is Union Strong!

Lois Carson has been a secretary at Columbus City Schools for 32 years. Her union has been there for her every step of the way with negotiated pay raises, health insurance, strong contract language — and most importantly for her — sick leave that allowed her to care for her husband when he was gravely ill.

“Before my husband died, he was sick for two years, and I was his caregiver. Without the protection of my union contract at Columbus City Schools, I might have had to choose between quitting my job to care for him or choosing a nursing home. Because of my benefits, he was able to stay home until the end. Now that he is gone, my union wages mean I can support myself. I value my union, and I would never leave it. I’m sticking with my union!” Carson said.

She currently works at the Department of Higher Education, located at Columbus International High School and serves as OAPSE State Vice President and president of the Columbus School Employees Association (CSEA).

“We have over 3,200 Columbus City Schools employees in CSEA, and every one of them values our union contract for a different reason. For me, our contract meant I could care for my husband when he needed me most. That meant everything to me.”

Learn more about Lois by watching the video below. And remember to join her in Sticking With My Union Day on May 22. Wear your sticker and show your solidarity with your union sisters and brothers. Together, you are the union!