Jackie Leisure: Union All the Way!

Jackie Leisure has worked in the child nutrition department at Canton City Schools for 32 years. She takes great pride in her job – providing healthy breakfasts, lunches and after-school snacks to the hundreds of students at Canton McKinley High School. Jackie knows that some students rely on her and her coworkers for the only meals they get during the day. “Hungry students can’t learn or be at their best. That’s why we are here: to give them good, nutritious food that tastes good and helps fuel them, so they can achieve at their highest levels. It’s important work, and I am proud to do it.”

Jackie is also proud of her union – Local 609. She’s been a member since 1987. “My union has always been there for me and fought for me. Because of our union contract, short-hour workers like me have good wages and benefits. I’m union strong all the way.”

Jackie is vice president of her local union; executive board alternate from East Central District; and district treasurer.

Jackie Leisure knows the value of being a union member. She is sticking with her union!

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