Happy Labor Day!

Many of us will celebrate Labor Day 2017 with a day off from work and time to spend with family and friends as we officially close out the summer. Labor Day is also a great time to reflect on the value of unions for working families in our country – starting with the value of a negotiated day off for Labor Day!

Unions like OAPSE/AFSCME improve wages and benefits for our members. In fact, OAPSE members make significantly more money than their non-union counterparts who do the same jobs. OAPSE members on average bring home $3,964 more annually than non-union workers in the same positions – that’s $330 more per month.

Increased wages mean a stronger retirement because pensions are based on what workers earn over their lifetimes. Higher wages mean a better benefit when you retire!

And your family’s health is more secure because of your union. OAPSE members have better health care coverage, pay less of the total premium and have lower deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums than school employees not represented by our union.

“OAPSE members know we will fight for higher wages, strong benefits and a secure retirement. That’s why they join OAPSE. They want to know they are not alone, and that they are part of an organization that will be with them every day making life better at work and at home,” said OAPSE Executive Director Joe Rugola.

“Whether we are negotiating strong contract language, representing members in grievances and arbitrations when our contracts are violated, or marching on the Statehouse to make sure the interests of OAPSE members are heard, our 36,000-strong union is committed to justice, dignity and fairness for every worker we represent.”

State President JoAnn Johntony praised the work of OAPSE members and joined Rugola in wishing everyone a wonderful Labor Day with family and friends.

“We do such valuable work across the state, and we make a difference in so many lives. We do it because we love the children and families we work with. The satisfaction of our work is its own reward. Still, it’s nice to be honored on Labor Day and to be recognized for the vital roles we play in the lives of Ohio families,” Johntony said.

Happy Labor Day

to the people who do the important work that makes a difference – OAPSE members.