Governor DeWine, ODE to Release Reset/Restart Education Plan

To: OAPSE Members

From: Executive Director Joe Rugola

Re: Governor DeWine and Ohio Department of Education Reset and Restart Education Planning Guide

As we end this school year, many OAPSE members are wondering about the start of the next one. I know many of you have questions about what your job will look like in the fall.

Next week, we will have a better understanding of how the state of Ohio views the next academic school year because Governor Mike DeWine and the Ohio Department of Education are scheduled to release the Reset & Restart – Education Planning Guide.

For the last two months, we have been working with the ODE, the governor, and other organizations – including our allies in organized labor – to figure out how schools can reopen safely for staff and students. We have given input on key questions, such as health and safety; scheduling; staffing; and transportation.

We do not know what the final planning guide will include, but it is clear that aside from the health and safety standards – which will be mandatory – local school districts will have great flexibility in implementing parts of the planning guide. That’s why it is critical that OAPSE local unions be involved in discussions and decisions around the reopening of schools.

Your OAPSE field representatives and regional directors will be working with you to prepare for next year. We will have an initial reaction when the plan is released. And we will keep fighting for your job security, your pay and your benefits.