Fight Back Against the Lies!

As the so-called “Freedom Foundation” continues to spread lies about OAPSE, the state officers want you to know the truth. This group and others like them get their money from the super rich who want to destroy unions because they know your union gives you power and a voice at work. Take a look at this letter from State President Lois Carson, State Vice President Mike Lang and State Secretary Sandy Wheeler. And thank you for Sticking With the Union!

Dear OAPSE Leader,

As members of OAPSE ourselves, we are writing to you to address the many lies being pushed on our members by people who want to destroy our union. They are front people for super-rich, anti-union forces who hate the idea that OAPSE fights for decent wages, good benefits and secure pensions for our members.

If you doubt that, just look at how hard companies like Starbucks and Amazon are fighting to keep unions out of their stores and warehouses.

Among the worst of the many lies they are spreading:

  • That MOST of the dues OAPSE members pay goes to our national union, AFSCME. That is a LIE. In 2021, for example, less than 20 percent of our dues went to AFSCME. And the money we sent there came back to us in the form of expert research used to negotiate your contracts; funding to elect school board members and pass local school and DD levies; and resources to strengthen organizing and grow our union and our power.
  • That millions go toward AFSCME’s political agenda. Another LIE, and it’s a whopper. Over the last 10 years, 93 percent of your OAPSE dues money was spent on direct services to our members, such as negotiating decent wages, job security, health care and seniority rights – all the things we fight so hard for in our contracts.
  • That OAPSE Executive Director Joe Rugola makes $307,668 in salary. A RIDICULOUS LIE and a completely fabricated number. In fact, in the last decade, Joe has donated $180,000 of his salary back to our union. Believe us, he earns every dollar of the salary our executive board sets for him. Nobody works harder – and that’s been true over his 44 years with OAPSE.

You, our elected leaders, and the members of OAPSE run our union. You have helped build OAPSE into one of the strongest, most respected and most EFFECTIVE unions in Ohio. We are proud to be your elected leadership team. As working members of OAPSE ourselves, we urge you to tell your members not to fall for the con job these enemies of working people are selling.

Strong Unions = A Secure Job and A Good Life. Strong Unions = A Strong America.


Yours in OAPSE,

Lois Carson                               Mike Lang                                 Sandy Wheeler

State President                        State Vice President                 State Secretary