Donna Ragland: Our Union is Our Strength

Donna Ragland has an important job. A 20-year OAPSE member, she is a food service manager at Columbus Downtown High School. Donna values her work and the impact she has on students everyday – students who often face food insecurity and even homelessness.

“Serving kids every day, that’s how we make a difference. That’s what we have to give, and we feel blessed to do this important work.”

Donna also values her union – Local 143, Columbus City Foodservice Workers. “My union is my family. And family sticks together.”

Donna would never drop out of her union and leave behind the solidarity of working together to solve problems and provide protections for workers at Columbus City Schools.

“In these uncertain times, our union is our strength. We need to stick together.”

For more about Donna and why she values her union so much, take a look at the video below. And be like Donna – stick with your union!