A Message of Solidarity from Executive Director Joe Rugola

A Message From OAPSE As School Year Begins and Teachers Strike in Ohio’s Largest School District:

All over Ohio, OAPSE members are heading back to school and playing critical roles in educating our children. OAPSE has your back during this busy season and every day – in good times and in times of trouble and uncertainty.

Check out the video below from OAPSE Executive Director Joe Rugola, who has a message of solidarity for all 34,000 members of our union, and in particular the 3,200 members of the Columbus School Employees Association (CSEA), who are heading back to school as the teachers in the Columbus district begin a strike.

CSEA members and all OAPSE members know they can count on the support of their rank-and-file sisters and brothers and of the staff, executive board and leadership of OAPSE no matter what the challenge!