3,964 Reasons to Become an OAPSE Member



It pays to belong to OAPSE!

OAPSE members know from experience that union membership pays off. OAPSE members have higher wages, better benefits and stronger pensions than workers who do the same jobs but do not belong to a union.

OAPSE members make $3,964 more annually than our non-union counterparts. That’s $330 each month in the pockets of OAPSE members.

Health care coverage for OAPSE members is better and costs our members less. We pay less of the total premium and have lower deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums than school employees who are not members of our union.

And our union has been fighting to provide security and dignity to retirees since 1934, when OAPSE members started the School Employees Retirement System. The higher wages OAPSE members earn while they are working mean stronger benefits in retirement.