OAPSE has joined a coalition of labor and community groups to oppose Issue 1 and urge a NO vote on August 8. Details about Issue 1, the special election, and informational meetings across the state will be available from now until Election Day.

OAPSE members in Northeast Ohio are urged to attend an urgent meeting on Thursday, June 22. Details below. And other meetings are planned around the state.

But for now, just know that Issue 1 is designed to make it MUCH harder to change Ohio’s constitution. If Issue 1 had been on the books in 2011, we never would have been able to defeat Senate Bill 5 because it never would have made the ballot. Issue 1 is a power play by legislators who want to change majority rule in Ohio. Let’s keep majority rule. Let’s keep one person/one vote. Let’s make sure every voter’s voice is heard. Keep checking here and the OAPSE Facebook page for details on steps you can take to help ensure Issue 1 fails in August.

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