Ohio Association of Public School Employees

Stronger Together.

People Dollars At Work in Your Community

Over $200,000 in PEOPLE contributions have come back to members directly at the local level in the last 3 years. When we use PEOPLE dollars to get involved in local issues affecting OAPSE members, the likelihood of passage doubles.

PEOPLE provides money and political action to OAPSE Locals that have levies and issues on the ballot across Ohio. Over 72 percent of local ballot issues pass when the OAPSE political and legislative team uses PEOPLE dollars to assist with the campaigns, saving OAPSE members’ jobs. In areas like Washington, Zanesville, Cloverleaf, Oregon and New Philadelphia, OAPSE was able to use PEOPLE money and the expertise of our staff in polling, messaging and voter outreach to pass much-needed levies directly affecting OAPSE members. Without PEOPLE and the leadership from the political and legislative team, these ballot issues would not have fared so well.

As public employees, we have a say in who our bosses are. School Board members are elected public officials, and PEOPLE dollars and our staff can help your Local get a seat at the table in the political arena by getting involved in school board races. Recently, PEOPLE dollars and staff expertise went to the campaigns of 25 OAPSE-endorsed School Board candidates. Providing money, strategy and political action helped elect 17 of those candidates. School Boards across Ohio are now a little friendlier to OAPSE members thanks to OAPSE and PEOPLE.Columbus City, Chippewa, Wauseon, Tri-Valley, Dayton, Westerville, Northwest and New Richmond are just some of the School Districts where PEOPLE dollars helped the Local elect an endorsed and working family-friendly candidate.

The PEOPLE program also gives monetary contributions to dozens of other OAPSE Locals to help with political issues affecting OAPSE members every year. PEOPLE contributions are used to help pass levies and other issues in School Districts, libraries and County DDs that need funds to make sure their campaigns are successful. PEOPLE dollars were able to give a critical monetary push and pass issues in areas like Bedford, Springfield, Celina, Rossford, Galion, Orange, Perrysburg, Woodridge, Jackson DD, Kettering and Olentangy.

The political and legislative staff and PEOPLE dollars also get involved in the State School Board elections. OAPSE endorsed six working family-friendly candidates in 2014. By putting PEOPLE dollars to work, four of those candidates won their elections. Now, the State School Board includes representatives who have OAPSE members’ best interests at heart.