Ohio Education Reset/Restart Plan Released

Governor Mike DeWine and the Ohio Department of Education have issued their Reset/Restart Education plan. The plan lays out recommendations and aspiration guidelines but essentially leaves major decisions about how and when to reopen schools to local districts.

Because critical decisions will be made at the district and even the school building level, it is essential for OAPSE locals to be involved in discussions about reopening our schools.

We have been communicating with our professional staff, and they understand that our first priority is your job security and the maintenance of health and safety standards in your workplaces. We urge you to work with your field representatives and regional directors to have meaningful input as your school districts implement their reopening plans.

In coordination with our International union, OAPSE will keep pressing Congress for bipartisan action to pass the Heroes Act, that will provide critical funding to schools and state and local governments. This legislation has passed the House, and the Senate is due to take it up in late July.

OAPSE has stood with you during our national health emergency – working to keep our members on the job and continuing to get your pay and benefits. And your union will be with you as we navigate our new challenge of making sure we reopen schools so that students, staff and families are safe.

Especially during uncertain times like these, it is critical to have a union that will fight for you. It’s more important than ever that you and your coworkers don’t have to go it alone.

You may have been contacted by out of state groups like the so-called “Freedom Foundation” and the “Buckeye Institute.” These billionaire-funded shady operations are using this crisis to try to persuade OAPSE members to drop out of the union.

It’s the biggest threat to workers since Senate Bill 5. They tried to destroy your voice with Senate Bill 5, and now they’re back – during an International health crisis – to try and weaken your union and gut your negotiated contracts.

They are asking your employer for your personal information and data mining your employment records, your pension information and even your workers’ compensation records so they can undermine the union and silence your voice at work.

This is not the time for a weaker union. This is the time to stand together and be a strong presence in your workplace. Now is the time to stick with your union.

Take a look at our flyer here more information about what to do if you are contacted.A

You can find the Reset/Restart documents here.

And click on the video below for a video message.