OAPSE Locals Are Winning Around the State

Recently, OAPSE Local #268, Belpre City Schools, was able to bargain and ratify one of the best contracts they have ever negotiated. Not only did they get substantial wage increases in each year of the contract, but Local #268 was able to also get job specific incentives, an increase to their health savings account, and two more holidays. Local leaders at Belpre are using this contract win to run an internal membership drive and sign up the few non-members they have left.

OAPSE Local #36, Vinton County Local Schools, had another kind of fight on their hands this year. A wage incentive in their contract for paraprofessionals was deemed not eligible for pension compensation in 2023 by SERS (School Employees Retirement System), after being considered pensionable for the past 17 years! Before Local #36 even heard about this decision, the school district and SERS agreed to return up to 17 years of pension contributions to the affected members. This was devastating news for a handful of paraprofessionals in Local #36 who were about to retire. This decision was going to cut future pension payouts by as much as $200 a month! Luckily, for these members, OAPSE had their back. Local #36’s field representative, Sean Dahl, and OAPSE attorney, Kristen McKinley, jumped into action to help OAPSE Local #36 fight for what they worked for and deserve. With Sean working with the school district, and Kristen working with SERS, disaster was averted, and a new resolution was reached and agreed to. Paraprofessionals in Local #36 will see their pension benefits restored and their wage incentive will continue to count towards their SERS pension.