OAPSE Local Gets Great Contract and New Library

OAPSE Local 541, Carrollton Schools, has a few things to be excited about this spring. After only two meetings with the district, OAPSE Local 541 agreed to a new contract that has since been ratified by both sides. While members will see a sizeable increase in pay, and a lump sum payment each year of the contract, out-of-pocket insurance costs will NOT increase and coverage will remain the same.

On top of Local 541’s contract win, Carrollton’s elementary school is in the process of constructing a new in-school library. Tracy Moyer, Local President and elementary school librarian, has been pushing for dedicated library space in their new building. Tracy’s hard work has paid off and the new library is almost complete. Tracy was able to work with the district’s administration to make sure permanent library space was available to students of the elementary school.

Tracy Moyer, Local 541 President

“I am very thankful that the new Elementary Principal, Holly Dodds, and Superintendent Dave Davis saw the importance of a library in our district and made the necessary changes to the plans once taking over the reins of our school district. Libraries are a garden for growing readers, nurturing their love for books and sparking their imagination.” Tracy exclaimed.

Local 541’s effort has paid off with a new contract and a new library. A great reminder that when we come together and fight for what we deserve, we win!