Long Time OAPSE Leader Takes on State Secretary Role

Sheila Dawkins-Flinn has been elected by the OAPSE State Executive Board to serve out the remainder of the current term of our union’s State Secretary position. Since 2015, Sheila has held the Executive Board seat from the Northeast District and has held numerous state and local positions in OAPSE. In recent years, she has chaired the OAPSE Committee that has worked to repeal the Social Security Offset and Windfall provisions which undermine our members’ retirement security.

OAPSE State President Lois Carson spoke about Sheila assuming this important role for our union. “Sheila has, for many years, devoted herself to working on behalf of every OAPSE member. I know that she will continue the legacy of excellence that has been established by past OAPSE State Secretaries. That is why the State Executive Board was unanimous in it’s vote for Sheila to fill the term of State Secretary.

OAPSE Executive Director Joe Rugola talked about Sheila filling this critical role for OAPSE. “The State Secretary job is so important for the maintenance of quality records, particularly of our Executive Board meetings. Sheila has served her District and her Local in the Akron City Schools with dignity and intelligence, and I know she will bring those qualities to her new role at the state level.

Sheila took on the responsibilities of State Secretary effective January 1, 2024. She will work with President Carson and State Vice President Michael Lang to fight for the interest of all OAPSE members.

Left to right: Sheila Dawkins-Flinn (State Secretary), Lois Carson (State President), Mike Lang (State Vice President)