Hey “Freedom Foundation!” Back Off! I’m Sticking With My Union

The so-called “Freedom Foundation” is at it again – contacting OAPSE members with a bunch of lies to try to persuade you to drop out of the union. You know his group – funded by some of the richest guys on the planet. They hate unions and the power unions give workers.

Sandee Kodysh is on to them, and the proud bus driver and member of Local 319 at Westlake City Schools let them have it when they contacted her with lies about OAPSE. Sandee’s response is below. That’s how it’s done! Thanks, Sandee, for Sticking With Your Union!

To: Freedom Foundation

Please remove my name OFF ALL your mailing lists! Your Freedom Foundation is nothing but making the RICH REPUBLICANS, COMPANIES & CORPORATIONS FREE FROM PAYING AMERICAN WORKERS A LIVABLE WAGE WITH GOOD BENEFITS!!! Growing up in a UNION UAW HOME I was able to benefit in a nice home and good health care since my Father was a Union UAW Worker at the Bendix Westinghouse in Elyria, OH. I remember him fighting for good wages & benefits at every contract negotiation time! I was able to watch as my Brother & Brother-in-law were able to provide nicely for their families as PROUD & HARD WORKING UNION UAW workers at FORD! The MANY other family members and friends in my life that I’ve been able to watch through my lifetime benefit thanks to UNIONS are way to many to mention!  

I have also watched friends & family suffer at jobs that aren’t UNION!  Low pay! Terrible Health Care! Terrible Benifits! Just when it’s time to take their vacation are told they have mandatory overtime & if they don’t work it, out the door they go! Leaving their Spouses & kids broken hearted with tears in their eyes because once again their family time didn’t happen! They’ve also been DENIED time off to attend funerals of loved ones, take care of their ill family members, or go to their own DR. Appts ! I’ve also watched them miss important family events due to their NON-UNION JOBS! 
Lastly I want you to know that I’ve been a very proud OAPSE MEMBER (chapter #319) for 32 YEARS!  I was Vice-President for many years and am still Union Rep for my Dept.! I’ve negotiated many contracts and have fought first hand for the great wages, healthcare & benefits that we have! My $700 a year Union Dues pays for itself in the first week of each year! 
Your flyers you send to my house are nothing but filled with WRONG INFO and benefiting the RICH!! Shame on ALL OF YOU WHO ARE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS FOUNDATION! You’re definitely NOT A FOUNDATION in my eyes! And you’re definitely NOT OUT FOR THE AMERICAN WORKER!!!

Sandra Kodysh