Davida Russell and Cleveland Heights City Council have our back!

This month, Cleveland Heights City Council passed a resolution focused on helping school employees, and all public workers, get the retirement they deserve. Cleveland Heights City Council unanimously passed a resolution in support of H.R. 82, the Social Security Fairness Act, which would repeal the unfair GPO and WEP provisions Ohio public sector workers face in retirement.

Davida Russell, OAPSE State Executive Board Member and Northeast District President, also sits on Cleveland Heights City Council as Vice President. Davida recently introduced four resolutions to City Council, all of which highlight how important it is to elect candidates that understand and care about OAPSE members and working families.

Davida was able to pass a resolution in support of repealing GPO and WEP, a resolution supporting S. 3681, the Preparing and Retaining All (PARA) Educators Act, which aims to offer grant money to train and retain school employees, a resolution recognizing April 23 as National School Bus Driver Appreciation Day, and a resolution proclaiming April 28 Workers Memorial Day.

Davida Russell, and elected officials like her, know how important OAPSE members are in the workplace and in the community. We know that Davida will keep fighting for us, and we’ll keep fighting for her. Thank you Davida!